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Sky Tapeless


Products: Cerify, Ardome MAM, EasyCut, PreCut, Avid Media Composer

Project Description: In 2008 Sky decided to move from tape to file-based workflows in order to maximise the use of their assets as well as increase operational efficiencies and costs. I worked as part of a skilled team with Mediasmiths and internal Sky staff to deliver this project.

•Designed and developed metadata input forms for a leading Media Asset Management system
•Proposed and implemented improvements to workflows, metadata and media management
•Trained production and technical users on new production workflows and technology


The first successful ‘Tapeless’ transition project of a major broadcaster. Achieved by a small team of specialists working with BSkyB

My contribution was recognised to the point that I was the last person to remain on the project from the Mediasmiths team. In fact, the contract was extended twice to keep me working on it so that I could design and implement changes to workflows, media and metadata management and UI design and configuration. 

Business Analyst

Working onsite with the client and as part of the delivery team I began as a business analyst, identifying the business goals and user requirements, before being promoted to cover other roles. Using the Agile Methodology, these were captured and managed as user stories. We took a user-centric approach to ensure that we understood the requirements of those that the system would be designed to support. The requirements to implement were then prioritised according to the project goals.

Workflow and Metadata Management

After performing a lot of analysis across the project, I believed I could improve the workflows and metadata management. Initially, this was met with some friction however they put their faith in me and I was given 2 weeks to prove my opinion with a report. 2 weeks later I presented modified workflows and a design for improved metadata management to the senior management team. I was immediately commissioned to implement my suggestions as well as to look into the area further to make more suggestions.

MAM UI Design and Configuration

I performed the analysis with all of Sky Sports departments to identify the optimal UI design configuration. This was to ensure that all departments shared a consistent layout (as team members often moved between sports) whilst also providing the sport-specific fields required. As there wasn’t a developer available and timescales tight, I quickly learnt how to develop the UI and did so for all of Sky Sports myself. As part of this process I also increased user ‘buy-in’ to the new system by giving them the opportunity to contribute to the system in the small customisations that tailored it to their needs where necessary. For most users it was the first time they had seen the system so they were able to get some light pre-training and familiarity with the entirely new way of working.