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Damon Neale - Managing Director

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10+ Years Experience in Media Industry

Detailed Knowledge of Media Formats

I know that the progress is very much attributable
to your effort
…everyone speaks VERY highly of you,
including me.

- David Ballew - VP

Your contributions to the project
and our team thus far have
been nothing short of stellar

- David Benson - MD, DSB Consulting

About Us

Mediate Solutions Ltd is a broadcast consultancy focused on assisting large broadcasters on major process and technology change projects. This typically begins with analysing the problem, inefficiencies or opportunities, designing the solution and working with international solution vendors, developers and testers to implement the solution. This process culminates in training the users and ongoing support of the solutions implemented to ensure it remains a success for its entire lifetime as part of the guarantee of the high standard of service we provide.
We believe in honesty, integrity and the highest level of service for our clients. Mediate Solutions has a strong reputation and partnerships in London, Stockholm and LA, as well as links elsewhere in the UK and Europe. We have worked with all major broadcasters, including the BBC and BSkyB on their largest change projects.
We currently have staff on multiple projects, project managing a large innovative hybrid cloud solution for a client, performing strategic consultancy and supporting live cloud-based production systems.

Project Roles

  • Business

    • Business Analysis
    • Requirement Prioritisation
    • Project Management
    • Reporting
    • Solution Simplification & Communication
    • Change Management

    • Technical Analysis
    • Specification Documentation
    • Solution Architecture
    • Technical Project Management
    • Systems Integration
    • Test Management

    • Requirements Engineering
    • Workflow Analysis & Design
    • UX Design and Prototyping
    • Training Development and Delivery
    • User Acceptance Testing

About Me: Damon Neale

I have over 10 years experience in the Media Industry, working in Production, Business and New Media Technology.

For the past 5 years I have worked as a Senior Consultant, Solution Architect and Systems Integrator with the most complex formats such as video and graphics in the most challenging area of broadcast. I have played a key role on the largest and most complex technology change projects in the broadcast industry for the biggest broadcasters including the BBC, BSkyB and Sony Pictures Television. I am also a professional photographer, videographer, editor and graphic designer with a deep understanding of the respective workflows.

I apply these skills, knowledge and experience to projects to ensure that the solutions delivered will work for the end user and deliver the required results to the business.

I also enjoy photography, acrobatics, scuba-diving, skiing and sci-fi!

Email Me:

Call Me: +44 (0)7824 805228

What Can I Do For You?

I am a project intermediary, liaising and translating between the business stakeholders, end users and solution development / delivery teams to mediate a solution that achieves the desired business benefits while remaining fit for purpose for the end users. Over the past 5 years I have been hired as an Analyst, Consultant, Technical Project Manager, Solution Architect or Systems Integrator to fulfil this important role to ensure a common understanding, that all parts of the solution align and continue in the same direction towards a common goal.

I industrialise the production process by utilising the latest technology and business processes, simplifying unnecessarily complex tasks and automating workflows. This allows teams to deliver content in new ways and to more platforms whilst freeing up user time to focus on the creative process.

I also assist in industry research and defining the strategy to launch/improve new products and services into the industry.

If you need someone capable to assist with your project, big or small, I have in-depth knowledge of media formats and workflows with experience on a variety of change projects.

What others say about me

David Ballew

“Just wanted to say I really personally appreciate how much you’ve stuck with this and how much you’ve helped get to the bottom of the issues.  I feel it’s much closer, and your emails are so clear, I know that the progress is very much attributable to your effort…Andy, Eric, everyone speaks VERY highly of you, including me.”

David BallewVP - Sony Pictures Television
David Benson

“Generally speaking, your contributions to the project and our team thus far have been nothing short of stellar.

David BensonManaging Director - DSB Consulting
Shizana Arshad

“Damon’s service from start to finish has been exemplary and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level that exceeds others. It was clear that his primary aim was to understand our requirements and satisfy us as a client. The level of customer support has been exceptional, never charging for going that extra mile.

Shizana ArshadExecutive Assistant - Stow Securities Plc
Gareth Edwards

“Thanks Damon. It’s been a pleasure and will certainly be back in touch…will be sure to recommend you to others.”

Gareth EdwardsDirector - Ashville Group

Send me a message

Email Me:

Call Me: +44 (0)7824 805228

Where We’re Based

We’re based in central (Zone 1) London between Euston and Kings Cross stations for easy access to all of London and national / international train routes, making it easy to meet and discuss opportunities or to commute to where you need me. If you would like to meet for a coffee to learn more about how I can help you, please send me a message and we can arrange a meetup near here or somewhere more convenient for you.